Thursday, 1 January 2015

100 Day Happiness Challenge


What have Blogspot done with my photographs? I've uploaded them again and again, and still they disappear after a couple of weeks. Grrrr! My apologies to my readers. 

So, I've decided to take the 100 Day Happiness Challenge. Here's my first submission.      

DAY 1 15th December 2014   


 Our new grand daughter, Katie-Rose, was born on 3rd Dec 2014. This is Grandad and she getting to know one another. 

DAY 2  16th December 2014

I went into the shop to buy a Poinsettia for Christmas. They were so nice I decided to buy two. Then when I got home I remembered the candles I've had in the cupboard for ages. Perfect match! It's the little things :-)

Day 3 17th December 2014

Received these in the post (mail) today. Always a pleasant surprise to get something for nothing :-)

Day 4 18th December 2014

This is my mother-in-law. Every Thursday we go shopping and then have a coffee together. I love her to bits. :-)

Day 5 19th December 2014

Yes, it's a door. It's a door I painted today, along with all of the woodwork in the bathroom. Feeling the satisfaction of a job well done :-)

Day 6 20th December 2014

It's late going up this year, but I love it. We put a cheesy Christmas CD on and decorate the tree while singing along. 

Day 7 21st December 2014

Pyracantha Orange Glow-the only bit of outdoor colour these days. Gives me a lift every time I pass by it. 

Day 8 22nd December 2014

 My youngest daughter lives in the US. She's coming home with her boyfriend for Christmas tomorrow. I enjoyed the delicious anticipation, and reminiscing, while getting her room ready today. 

Day 9 23rd December 2014

Belated Birthday Celebrations! 

Day 10 24th December 2014

Hehehe, Santa's on his way! :-)

 Day 11  25th December 2014

Christmas Day with family

Day 12  26th December 2014

More fun family time

Day 13  27th December 2014


A walk in winter sunshine in Dublin's Dun Laoghaire. This is the Royal Yacht Club.

Day 14  28th December 2014

New Pod Coffee Maker. What could be more perfect
than the perfect cup of coffee, every time?

Day 15 29th December 2014

Coffee break in Queen of Tarts while wedding dress shopping with my 2 fantastic daughters. The Bride-to-be didn't find the perfect dress, but we  all had a ball.

Day 16 30th December 2014

Found this old photo of me and my husband (then boyfriend), taken circa 1983, around the time the romance was new and exciting. Happy to say it is still exciting :-)

Day 17 31st December 2014

My beautiful and talented daughter performing Aerial at the New Year Parade 2014-2015 in Dublin.

Day 18 1st Januray 2015

I am currently studying for a Diploma in Holistic and Sports Massage. As part of the course requirements, I must give 5 people a full body massage in one day. Thank you to my family for being my "Guinea Pigs"

Day 19 2nd January 2015

On Day 6 I posted a pic of our Christmas Tree. Today, we took it down. I love the anticipation of Christmas on the day it goes up, and I love the satisfaction of having the place back to normal again when Christmas is over. Happy New Year to everyone reading this :-)

Day 20 3rd January 2015

My Online courses are going well! They're at 

Day 21 4th January 2015

A brisk 5k walk in Cruagh Woods, in the Dublin Mountains. Felt great after the fresh air and exercise.

Day 22 5th January 2015

I am incredibly privileged to live here, in the Dublin Mountains. On mornings like this morning, I am very aware of that privilege. The sun didn't last long, but my good humour certainly did. 

Day 23 6th January 2015

My fantastic daughter-in-law keeps me supplied with photographs of our new little grand-daughter. We don't live near enough to be able to visit them often, so it's so nice to see her growing. I love it when I hear the sound of another picture arriving in my phone. Here she is-just over one month old-and already taking an alert and obviously fun interest in the world. 

Day 24 7th January 2015

This is Harry. He sits outside my bedroom door in the mornings, waiting for me to get up. He won't come in because he knows he's not allowed. Then he follows me around the house, purring. Wherever I settle, he finds a spot close by, if not actually on my lap.  I love our cuddly morning routine.

Day 25 8th January 2015

One of my beautiful Orchids. (I have 4) They grow on my windowsill with very little attention from  me. This one has flowered 3 times already. They looked so beautiful today in the morning sunshine. 

Day 26 9th January 2015

Flights booked, we're off to Lanzarote in March! Yay!

Day 27 10th January 2015


Day 28 11th January 2015

Sisters chatting, Mum and Dad catching up, Nana waving and blowing kisses. Gotta love Skype! 

Day 29 12th December 2015

My daily visitor. Every afternoon 4 of them visit; 2 doe and their (now grown) fawns. This doe looks like she'll have another little one to take care of in the Spring. By then, they will have their beautiful spotted-brown summer coat. But for now, the winter fashion is grey.

Day 30 13th December 2015

Despite the sunshine, there was an icy wind blowing today. (it snowed, hard, shortly after I took this pic).  I enjoyed the 
opportunity to test drive my new fleece hood. Sooo cosy, and soft. I love it!

Day 3114th January 2014

I learned last night how much we take the internet for granted. For some reason, our satellite signal went down (we can't get fiber broadband where we are). We could not believe that we had no internet. That's my reason for not posting yesterday. But on the bright side, we had an early night.

 So, here's the photograph from yesterday:

Spring bulbs, pushing their way up through the snow. 

Day 32 15th January 2015

Lovely day (except for the weather which was appalling!) doing some more wedding dress hunting with Nana. Nana did not want to be included in the picture though so  I had to cut her out. (She felt she wasn't looking her best ;-)).

Day 33 16th January 2014

I was hooked from the first episode. Not in the same league as THE Sherlock of course, but loving it all the same. The Americans went for the conservative option by making Watson a woman, but Jonny Lee Miller outshines Lucy Liu to the extent that you don't notice who or what Watson is. 

Day 34 17th January 2015

Did some training this morning for pre-event sports massage as part of my Diploma course in Holistic and Sports Massage. We did a full body massage in 10 mins, to the beat of Beggin by MADCON (Full body massage in holistic treatment takes an average of 50 mins). Great fun, being both the "client"  and therapist. Felt like going for a run afterwards, and I don't even like running! Energized much?! :-)

Day 35 18th January 2015

I haven't seen my brother and sister-in-law for 9 months until today. We live about 30km apart and get along great. We chat on the phone occasionally and more often via Facebook. We don't have crazy busy lives-it's just that we keep saying "we should meet up" and then never do. So it was lovely to finally meet up today for lunch and catch-up. 

Day 36 19th January 2014

Woke up to this beautiful dawn this morning. Great start to the day.

Day 37 20th January 2015

This is my husband, Brendan, in his 'office'. I took the photo from my 'office'. We share an identical half of the attic space. The staircase (which is in the near side of that railings) divides it in half. It's bright and airy and it works because we each have our own space, yet we can chat, advise or listen to music while we work. Mostly though we work in contented silence. 

Day 38 21st January 2015

Today we tested the menu at the proposed wedding lunch venue-Thank you to the Proposed and the Proposer (Aisling and Colm) for a beautiful lunch-and the great company. 

Day 39 22nd January 2015

Tea and Jaffa Cakes...what more can I say? :-)

Day 40 23rd January 2015

This is Jack (on the left) and Fred, our "4-legged-lawnmowers". They keep the grass short in the acre of rocky ground we have around the house. So short in fact that we have to feed them hay in the winter because there's not enough grass for them to eat. Mucking out is strenuous work and it has to be done, no matter what the weather. But I actually quite enjoy getting out in the fresh air, not to mention the physical activity. It gets the endorphins going and I'm always in good humor afterwards. Besides, Jack and Fred love a tickle under the chin or between the ears, and maybe a little treat of carrots or apple, so they're happy too.

Day 41 24th January 2015

Jack Frost's been painting ferns on the roof of the car again.They are beautiful. Wonder why he only ever paints ferns though...(“I resent the implication that I am solely fern fixated. I can also do a very nice paisley pattern.”( Jack Frost in Terry Pratchet’s Hogfather)

Day 42 25th January 2015

So, I bought an Amaryllis bulb in early November with visions of using the flowering plant as a centre piece for the table on Christmas Day. I left it on the shelf (still in the box) and forgot about it. Remembered it a few weeks later and planted it up, placed in on the windowsill and forgot about it. Remembered it a couple of weeks later and watered it. Forgot about it again frequently but did water it occasionally. This morning, I was greeted with this beauty, exactly one month later than originally envisioned. Considering the neglect I gave it, I don't deserve such a reward, but here it is all the same. :-)

Day 43 26th January 2014

I love living up in the Dublin Mountains, but there are a couple of downsides in being so remote. One of these is the unavailability of cable broadband, so we have to rely on satellite. This has three downsides of its own. One-it can be a bit flaky at times. Two- You will never get the same speed as cable and Three-there is a "per-30-days" limit on the data usage and if you go outside of that, they restrict your speed during busy times to such an extent that the internet is unusable. I can only guess that the latter is what happened last night-hence I am posting yesterday's challenge pic this morning: 

Don't know it they have these anywhere else in the world other than Ireland, and possible the U.K (?) but they are a chocolaty, marshmallowy, cake/biscuit kind of thing and I was absolutely mad about them in my younger days. My late mum would always include a tin of them with my Christmas present every year as a special treat. (For those of you who are unaware of some timeless traditions in this part of the world-a "tin of biscuits" (i.e a large metal box filled with cookies) is a tradition at Christmas time. Every household must have one or two, for sharing with guests and/or scoffing. They are also a popular gift and many's a household will give and receive a number of tins of biscuits over the holiday.

Anyway, when my own mum passed away in 2001, my second mum, otherwise known as my mum-in-law (see Day 4) continued with the tradition, bless her. She doesn't read this blog so I'm safe in telling you that I don't actually love them the way I used to (I find them a little too sweet now), but I do enjoy one now and again. This year, due to a bit of a mix up with presents, I didn't get my tin of Chocolate Kimberley. They disappear out of the shops once Christmas is over, but, yesterday my mum-in-law triumphantly presented me with a small packet of Chocolate Kimberley in compensation of missing out on the tin. I enjoyed eating this one, but much more than that, I enjoy the love that they represent, from my mum and my mum-in-law. Love you both, Mum! 

Day 44 27th January 2014

"What am I looking at?" I hear you ask. Well, if you follow the road, you will see a little orange spot on the left. That is a young vixen fox that ran ahead of my car last night when I was on the way home. I stopped the car when I first saw her so that she could run into the fields, as is the usual behavior of the wild animals that we encounter on the road, but this little lady just stopped too, sat down and looked around her as though she didn't have a care in the world. As I began to slowly move forward, so did she, keeping pace so that I couldn't get any closer. But again, when I stopped, she stopped too. So we continued on like this to the end of the road, when she eventually went in one gate, and I in another. This is one of the many, many upsides of living in the countryside.

Day 45 28th January 2015

There's snow on the ground and a bitter wind blowing outside, but the gentle rumble of this in the background means I'm warm and toasty. Most times I take it for granted, but on a particularly cold day like this one, I appreciate it very much.

Day 46 29th January 2015

It's not just the Google Search Screen, it's the indication that we have internet again! It's been difficult without it for the past 2 days. I can't even use the data on my phone whenever I'm at home because the signal is not strong enough. Seems we've become almost as dependent on the internet as we are on electricity. And I'm happy to have it back. 

Day 47 30th January 2014

10:50 am. That's the time Brendan and I left the house today, instead of Brendan's usual time of 7:30 am. This was thanks to a heavy snowfall last night. In fact, we didn't think we'd get out today at all, but the morning sunshine melted the snow and we were able to drive my car down the hill (around 2 miles/3 km) where we picked up Brendan's car. He was forced to abandon it there last night and walk home because the snow was too deep and slippery to drive up the very steep hill to our house. So, we had a lovely lazy morning, with breakfast in bed and a lingering shower before heading out. All the sweeter for being a week-day and entirely unexpected. 

Day 48 31st January 2015

Coming home to a fire in the hearth, an open bottle of wine and dinner in the oven, after a long day in college. Ahhh... 

Day 49 1st February 2015

Found these during a walk in the snowy woods today. Everything looked so sparkly in the sunshine. January is finally over, the bulbs are popping up through the snow, and the birds and animals are gearing up already. Welcome to Spring!

Day 50 2nd February 2015

Wow, half way there! The time has flown and it's still so much fun.

It may not be the height of sartorial elegance, but this is the fluffy sweatshirt that I wear around the house on cold days, and I love it! It's like being wrapped in a huge teddy bear. It's big enough that I can wear it over a couple of layers comfortably. As I've said before, sometimes it's just the little things that make me smile.

Day 51 3rd February 2015

The landscape all around me this morning was breathtaking. Everything was covered in frost following a night of freezing fog. This is not a pine tree, the spines are actually pure frost. 10 minutes after taking this photo, it had all melted in the sun. 

Day 52 4th February 2015

The photograph doesn't do it justice, but this is the view of Dublin City as I drive down the hill from our house. I never tire of it, even after 14 years. Tonight was a particularly clear night and it looked as though every light was sparkling. 

Day 53 5th February 2015

It's something I don't always remember to do, but whenever I'm in the shower, I try to just enjoy the sensation of the hot water cascading over my hair and skin. It's 3-5 minutes of pleasure I sometimes waste by thinking of stuff I have to do that day. Today, I remembered to just be in the shower,mostly.

Day 54 6th February 2015

I try to eat healthily most days. But now and again, particularly on Friday or Saturday, I enjoy a glass of cider and a "packet of crisps". Tayto crisps (potato chips) are one of the snack foods that Irish people who move to another country miss most. These and Cadbury's milk chocolate. Both are one of those guilty pleasures we all enjoy now and again. Yum!

Day 55 7th February 2015

There may or may not be more snow to come, but the hay is in! Every six weeks or so, while the grass doesn't grow, we fill the shed with hay for our two donkeys, Jack and Fred. (We buy the hay from a local farmer) Seeing the shed full like this gives me a similar feeling of security as seeing the freezer full of food. Let it snow! 

Day 56 8th February 2015

My happiness source today is the much maligned Facebook. Here I am, keeping up to date with my family, close and extended, around the world. Chatting with my daughter and my niece at the same time, while sitting in my arm chair with my feet up, enjoying a glass of wine. What's not to love? 

Day 57 9th February 2015

I'm not artistic, but I wanted to create something positive today to boost my negative mood, so I wrote "yes" in as many languages as I could. (I cheated for a few and used Google Translate). Making it was fun, and now it's hanging on the wall behind my computer monitor where I see it whenever I raise my eyes from the screen. That big "YES!" jumps out at me every time and gives me a lift.

Day 58 10th February 2015

Nature's Art:  The cobwebs are always there, but it takes the mist to show up their lace-like beauty. 

Day 59 11th February 2015

This was my source of happiness today: A cinnamon bun from Simon's Cafe in Georges Arcade, Dublin 2. They are famous and with good reason. Every mouthful is a little bit of heaven. I waited around for 45 minutes until they were taken out of the oven at 1 pm. It was well worth the wait. 

Day 60 12th February 2015

Impulse buying, especially online, is not something I do often, but this caught my eye and confirmed, among other things, that Facebook advertising works! I've been wondering whether or not to take out some FB ads  for my on-line courses (Mindfulness Meditation and Happiness Studies Courses at hugely discounted price of $10 BTW)  but I wasn't sure if they worked. Now I know. Hope the dress fits, but at $10, the sheer pleasure of indulging the impulse was so worth it. 

Day 61 13th February 2014

Mind boggling, exciting, wondrous, entertaining. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe this series. This is one Christmas gift that will not be shoved into a drawer and forgotten about. Still enjoying it, and will continue to do so for a long time. 

Day 62 14th February 2015

Valentines Day Dinner! Delicioso! Buenas noches...;-)

Day 63 15th February 2015

ghd: Stands for Good Hair Day. I was thinking today (tho' not for the first time) how I'd look most days without this. My hair has a mind of its own and it seldom agrees with my mind. So I have to iron it into submission. Today I'm appreciating my ghd.

Day 64 16th February 2015

We have a 13-year-old Nissan Micra which belonged to my late father-in-law. Brendan, my husband, drives a motor cycle most days, but he keeps the Micra for when it's frosty or snowy. Today, it was due to have the annual NCT (National Car Test). We thought the chances of it getting through first time this year were slim, given its age. Usually they'll tell you what needs to be fixed and then you bring it back for another test. We were even wondering whether it was worth fixing if it didn't pass. But it passed, first time! My father-in-law would be pleased, and so are we. :-)

Day 65 17th February 2015.

On day 43 I posted a picture of an Amaryllis bulb that I had planted for Christmas and finally flowered in late January. The bulbs in this picture are also  Amaryllis, but ones that I planted Christmas 2013. One of them flowered then, the other flowered in July. When it finished, I put the pot in the spare room and forgot about it. Today, I found it like this. One is about to flower, the other is beginning to sprout. I love surprises like this.

Day 66 18th February 2015

My daughters, the light of my life. Best friends with one another and with me. How lucky am I? 

Day 67 19th February 2015

The more information you have, the more choices you have. 
It is my ambition to provide information about mindfulness to as many people as possible in my lifetime. I know that mindfulness works. It's been a part of my live for years, I've seen it work for others, and I study the latest research on mindfulness from the leading universities and research institutes across the world. The findings show that it can actually change the structure of the brain, resulting in significant relief from clinical depression. I could go on. And I will, on Tuesday 7th April at Cornucopia in Wicklow Street, Dublin. If you're interested, you can get a ticket at I'm very excited about giving this talk! 

Day 68 20th February 2015

Cleo, my daughter, and her financé's cat (my Grandcat ;-)) climbed onto my shoulder today and just kept giving me kisses. She's never done that before. I love cats! :-)

Day 69 21st February 2015

Today I have two pictures, because I just couldn't choose between these two cuties. Katie-Rose and Leo, our two adorable grandchildren. We're having a lovely weekend, spending time with them and their fabulous Mum and Dad. 

Day 70 22nd February 2015

Harry the Cat waited out the weekend alone. He had enough food, water and litter, but he missed our company. He hasn't stopped purring since we got home. He and I just spent most of the evening cuddling. People who don't know cats say they're selfish and un-affectionate. We who know them, know that they are loving, affectionate and sweet animals. They just don't feel the need to pander to our ego.  We love them, they love us. Simple. 

Day 71 23rd February 2015

The Mindfulness Classes that I teach enjoy having music to listen to while we meditate. But my speaker broke down. Today, I bought this handsome Bluetooth model. The sound quality is so much better than my old one, I'm glad now that it broke down and gave me an excuse to buy this one.

Day 72 24th February 2015

I didn't take this video, as will become obvious. I was shown it today by one of my daughters. This is one of those slow burners: At first you're not sure what's going on, then you slowly realize and you're mildly amused and then for some reason the giggles start. Every time I thought of it I'd start giggling again. I'm even giggling now as I type. And the same has happened for most of the people who see it. That's why it's gone viral. Why is it so funny? Do you find it funny? I'd love for you to let me know in the comments section below.

Day 73 25th February 2015

                                    Kieth Laverack,CC BY-ND 2.0 via

I could hear the Mistle Thrush this morning, but I couldn't see him. (So I borrowed this photograph from Kieth Laverack) The Mistle Thrush's song is loud and long and beautiful. Another sign that, despite the snow yesterday, Spring has really sprung. That song always gives a lift to my soul. 

Day 74 26th February 2015

It's that time of year again: Most of the year, the frogs are very shy and dive down to the bottom of the pond when someone approaches. But for the next week or so, they are too interested in finding love to be shy. This pair were happy to pose for the photograph. Soon the pond will be full of frog spawn and the cycle will begin again.

Day 75 27th February 2015

Today I gave my first Holistic and Conditioning Massage that was not part of my course requirement or for a family member. It was not for a case study, it was not practice for the exams,. It was for someone who was just in need of some nurturing and healing. This is what I learned this skill for. And what's more, this person wants to come back for more. That's the real test that you're doing something right. I'm feeling very happy this evening. 

Day 76 28th February 2015

I'm posting about massage again. Today was the last day of class for my Holistic and Sports Massage Diploma Course. I'm going to miss this class. I'm going to miss the fun, the camaraderie, the learning, the tutors. The super high standard of teaching. I have a new skill that not only I enjoy using but that is of help and use to others too. Thank you Aubrey and Alison, thank you HCD!  

Day 77 1st March 2015

The heavy snow began falling in the late morning and our planned family day was shaping up to be just a quite twosome. But Ash was not to be beaten by the weather and drove through the snow to have dinner with her Mum and Dad. We enjoyed the giggles, the chat and of course, the food. :-)

Day 78 2nd March 2015

I really hoped that I wouldn't still be posting pictures of ice, snow and hail in March, but at the same time, I can't resist its beauty! This is a bunch of hailstones that went sliding down my attic window just as the sun came out this afternoon. Another one of Nature's random canvases. Minutes later, the hailstones had melted away and the sky was darkening again. Right now, the window is completely covered in snow. 

Day 79 3rd March 2015

I'm loving Tuesday evenings at the moment. I'm teaching a Mindfulness course at the local Community Centre. This is the room just before everyone arrives. I've been teaching Mindfulness courses for several years now and every group is different. I love getting to know them as individuals and as a group. And I absolutely love it when they tell stories of how their week went better because they were mindful. It's great to be able to pass on a skill that you know people are going to benefit from. 

Day 80 4th March 2015

I absolutely love this idea! Putting up billboards with inspirational messages on them just to lift someone's day. Or several someone's. The Joy Team are at and they are awesome.  

Day 81 5th March 2015

My mother-in-law has been losing her sight for the past two or three years, due to cataracts. She was bad enough to be certified as blind, she couldn't see more than a couple of inches in front of her, and reading was impossible. And yet she was afraid to get them done. It's been a long hard slog persuading her to do it, but finally, two weeks ago, she got the worst one done. She's a new woman! She's talking about the snow on the mountains, the birds nesting at the bottom of her (long) garden, and how handsome her grandson is! (She told the rest of us we look older ;-). Today she got her reading glasses and is once more able to enjoy the newspaper. Welcome back, Nana! 

Day 82 6th March 2015

Daffodils! My favorite flower; they represents Spring to me like no other flower and always make me smile. They don't last long one they're cut, but mine are not flowering yet so I cheated and bought these in my local supermarket. They lift my spirit every time I look at them. 

Day 83 7th March 2015

Saturday night is date night for Brendan and me. It has been ever since the birth of our eldest daughter. My beloved mother-in-law advised us "Always make time for one another. Remember you are not just mom and dad, you are also husband and wife. When your child (or children) is grown and gone, there will just be the two of you again. Be sure you are not strangers by then." So, Saturday night date night began. The children are grown and gone, but we still have our date night.We cook one of our favourite meals, light candles and enjoy one another's company. Tonight we made fish pie. With white fish, smoked fish, prawns, cream sauce (lots of cream!) and topped with mashed potatoes (made with butter and more cream). 

Day 84 8th March 2015

The path to paradise? Well no, just the path to the top of the ridge. It was a beautiful bright day today, albeit with a cold wind blowing, especially on that ridge! But it's so good to get out in the fresh air for some exercise! 

Day 85 9th March 2015

This is the view from the skylight just above my desk. Every time I looked up today the sky was different, and with the rain on the glass, it reminded me of an impressionist painting. So I have my own personal impressionist painting, that changes every few minutes. 

Day 86 10th March 2015

I know I posted about the frogs last week, but today it was the sounds that made me happy. I'm used to the birds declaring their territory loudly these days, and at first I thought that my neighbour was using a drill, or there was a small helicopter approaching, but instead, it's the sound of the frogs, declaring their territory too! Listen carefully and you will hear them...

Day 87 11th September 2015

Why would my washing machine make me happy? Because it's been broken since last week and today it was repaired. Funny how we don't appreciate something until it's taken away from us. Today, I appreciate my washing machine.

Day 88 12th March 2015

Image: PA Archive/Press Association Images

It may seem odd to post a picture of a man who has just passed away in a happiness blog. Of course I'm not happy that Terry Pratchett is no longer with us. But his books have brought so many of us happiness and laughter, and will continue to do so forever, that it seems appropriate to mark his passing here.

Day 89 13th March 2015

I was sitting on the deck, enjoying the Spring sunshine when I caught sight of this little lady, enjoying the sunshine too. Yep, Spring has definitely sprung!  

Day 90 14th March 2015

I was introduced to this recently by my daughter. It. is. delicious. And so much better for you than peanut butter! 99% almonds, 1% salt. I am totally hooked.Had some this morning on a croissant for breakfast. Yum!

Day 91 15th March 2015

Mother's Day flowers from my daughters. Thank you Aisling and Emer.  :-) :-)

Day 92 16th March 2015 

I bought a new cabin-case today for our holiday. That means it's getting close! Whoopee, see you soon, sunshine! 

Day 93 17th March 2015

Celebrating St Patrick's Day with the "Mudder-in-Law". Enjoying afternoon tea/coffee and cream cakes. 

Day 94 18th March 2015

Suitcase packed, tickets and passport ready, hair and nails done. The anticipation is half the enjoyment. See you on the other side...

Day 95 19th March 2015

And here we are, dining al-fresco in a lovely Mexican restaurant with a very nice bottle of wine. It's raining, (we're under a canopy) but the forecast for tomorrow is good, and besides, it's never warm enough to eat outside at home in March! Just enjoyed a friendly chat with the lovely people at the table beside us. Good company, good food, good wine...what's not to love? 

Day 96 20th March 2015. International Day of Happiness 

It's not difficult to be happy when you're on holidays, with a view like this from our apartment balcony. Winding down nicely now...

Day 97 21st March 2015

This made me laugh today. On day 89, I took a photograph of one ladybird on the deck at home. They are fairly common in Ireland but it's usually cause for remark when you see one. I don't know if it's remarkable or usual here in Lanzarote at this time of year, but the place is swarming with them! We've been here many times, but never in March. They were bumping into us as we walked along the beach, and this rock was only one of hundreds that were covered with them. Just as well they're so cute. If they looked like any other beetle, I have to admit, I'd be a bit more grossed out. It did make me laugh though.

Day 98 22nd March 2015

This is my beautiful and talented daughter, Emer ( who lives in the U.S. It was lovely to open Facebook this morning and see a bunch of gorgeous photographs of her and her handsome boyfriend, taken on their way to a friend's wedding and posted by her boyfriend's mother. I know I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, I love Facebook. My sister emigrated to Canada in the 1970's. We didn't even have a telephone in our home. The only way to communicate was through the written letter and my mother read and re-read those letters until the next one arrived. Twice or three times a year, my sister would telephone our neighbour's house, and he would run to get us, almost as excited as we were. We would all stand in this man's hallway, huddled around the phone, talking quietly so as not to waken his small children who were sleeping upstairs. Now, we have Skype, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime and of course, the telephone. I love them all, but Facebook in particular, I suppose because it gives me a little window in the lives of my loved ones. I've been looking and re-looking at these photographs all day, and later, I can talk to Emer in one of many ways. I don't have to wait weeks for the postman. My mother passed away in 2001. She saw only the beginning of this technology and loved emailing my sister and getting an almost instant reply. This technology makes me feel that my daughter is not that far away, and that makes me happy. 

Day 99 23rd March 2015

We've been here in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, since last Thursday, and the weather has been a little disappointing at times. The rain and chilly weather are unusual at this time of year here. Even the locals are complaining. But this afternoon, the sun came out and we had lunch at a beautiful little restaurant right on the beach. Then we walked the 3 kilometers along the beach back to our apartment, our feet splashing in the water. Heaven! 

Day 100 24th March 2015

Day 100! The last day of this challenge. I guess I could have included a photograph of Brendan on any one of the last 100 days. He is the source of my happiness most of the time, he is always there for me, supporting, loving, cheering me on, We have been married for 30 years, and it's never grown old. We haven't always shared the same viewpoint about life, spirituality, politics or even parenting sometimes (although that worked out pretty good in the end!) Of course we get on one another's nerves now and then. But we are best friends (and more) and I am grateful for and appreciate our relationship every day. I am content in my own company, but I enjoy being in Brendan's company more than anything. 

I have enjoyed this challenge immensely, and intend to write a separate blog on my experience. I also intend to continue the exercise on Instagram from here on in. I'll be posting just the photograph without the explanation or caption. 

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  1. Loving this blog! The links to your online course aren't clickable at the moment though.

    1. Thank you, Emer! Glad you love the blog. Those links to my online courses should be working now.

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